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What does an ISO 27001 Assessment cost?

ISO 27001 certification is the global gold standard for organizations wishing to demonstrate their commitment to digital systems security. Displaying this certification badge inspires customers’ confidence, furthers an internal culture of security awareness, and, most importantly, helps to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement.

One of the most frequently asked questions from small businesses to large global enterprises is what does an ISO 27001 Assessment cost?

There are three primary cost components of ISO Certification:

ISO Gap Assessments

Initial assessment to determine the scope and identify gaps

ISO Remediation

Cost of technology, procedures, and resources to become compliant and close the gaps found in the Gap Assessment

ISO Certification

Recurring annual cost to audit the controls and provide the ISO certification. The ISO certification consists of two initial certification reviews and annual surveillance audits.
TrustNet will partner with you as you walk through every step of your ISMS ISO 27001 certification. The services you receive will include precertification (scope and risk assessment, remediation plan development, gap closure, registrar selection, ISMS artifact development, incident response, internal audit, and certification support) and the actual certification audit.
The cost of an ISO 27001 Assessment is dependent on the scope of the Information Security Management Systems, size of the organization, number of locations and data centers, and complexity of the IT environment. Experienced ISO 27001 assessors such as TrustNet provide a cost effective approach to meeting the ISO 27001 requirements without comprising information integrity. The cost for a typical ISO 27001 Assessment starts at $15,000. Managing the cost of the ISO 27001 Assessment is of course very important – and a sound approach, with experienced assessors will provide long-term value to the organization.

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