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What does a Penetration Test cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions from small local businesses to large global enterprises is what does a Penetration Test cost? The average cost of a Penetration Test is impacted by the number of IP addresses and URL’s, size and complexity of the IT infrastructure, number of physical locations and data centers, network segmentation, and timing of the service. In evaluating the cost for a Penetration Test, many industry analysts point to the TCO (total cost of ownership). The TCO for a penetration test includes the methodology and approach used, experience of the testers, and quality of the end product. The starting cost for a typical penetration test for 50 IP’s is $10,000. Reducing the cost of a penetration test is of course very important – but a penetration test must follow a sound approach, with experienced assessors to provide value to the organization. For over a decade TrustNet has provided cost effective penetration tests to multiple organizations, across industries and around the world.

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