Managed Security Services Cost

Sample Pricing

Prices include hardware, software, and all managed security services.  Installation fees not included.

What does Managed Security cost? 

One of the most frequently asked questions from small local businesses to large global enterprises is what does Managed Security cost? The average cost for a MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) is impacted by the size and complexity of the IT environment, the number of geographic locations, and the type of security services required.

In evaluating the cost for managed security services, many industry analysts point to the TCO (total cost of ownership). The TCO for security includes factoring in the overall cost of internal security staff, infrastructure, compliance, and security incident and response.

The starting cost for managed security services for a business with 25 IP’s is $2,275 per month. Reducing the cost of security is of course very important – but a major benefit of TrustNet’s MSSP is our ability to keep our clients protected. This enables your IT organization and business to focus on their core strengths and business priorities.

Why should I work with TrustNet?

There was a time when a company’s internal IT department was fully equipped to address any and all of the emerging security needs. The cyber threat landscape has changed significantly since then, making it difficult for internal staff to keep up with every update. TrustNet approaches security from a macro perspective that includes all systems, protocols, practices, and controls throughout the organization. With TrustNet’s guidance, information security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

TrustNet equips your organization with the cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity professionals needed to stay on top of today’s digital threat landscape. Having a top-flight MSSP specialist on your side gives the security of your data and systems the attention it deserves while freeing up your human resources to run and grow your core business.

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